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Arts on the Black River

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Un projet d'identité très lisible dont les illustrations et les couleurs nous connectent directement aux différentes atmosphères qui définissent cet évènement. La superposition entre la typographie grasse et les illustrations photographiques monochromes est bien équilibrée.

1. About the project

Arts On The Black River is an independent cultural event that takes place at the lovely surroundings of the Nera River valley near Narni, in Italy.
The festival aims to create a connection between nature, art, and all kinds culinary delights. Combined with local foods and wine, people can enjoy a varied range of art performances such as music, dance, and theater.
Big headlines combined with illustrations in a monochromatic deep blue color scheme, evidence the characteristic elements of the event such as music, river, nature, dance, food, etc.
The color palette refers to the atmosphere of a sunset.
To better translate visually this mood we used Pantone Spot Colors. Colors have a main role in this project and using Pantone allowed us to add strength to the printed materials.

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