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Aeroporto di Catania

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1. About the project

Aeroporto di Catania is an international airport southwest of Catania, the second largest city on the Italian island of Sicily. It is the busiest airport in Sicily and the 6th busiest in Italy. The brief was to define a unique brand to increase awareness and communicate more effectively with all its user groups, leisure and business travellers.

By joining lines with asymmetric inclinations, the location of Catania gets defined within the organic shape of the island. Our brand proposal offers a system that reflects the aspiration to communicate the airport’s commitment to improving the passenger experience, reinforcing its values of generosity, comfort, user-friendliness and vitality.
We designed a logo that simulates these characteristics and amplifies ideas such as the sun rising and the dynamic in a flight departure. The logo underlines the crucial role of the airport in relation to the connectivity of the island. Along with the more traditional elements such as signage, staff uniforms and stationery, the new visual identity has also been applied to the airport environment, to provide a fuller brand experience.
Designed at Steer Davies Gleave, London, UK
Creative director: Juan Rioseco

Andrea Dell'Anna

Andrea Dell'Anna, London-based Italian graphic designer. Fascinated by systems that employ...


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