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Adobe Remix – Remixer

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1. About the project

One of three Adobe Remix executions for the MAX Creativity Conference 2017 in Las Vegas

Adobe invited me to participate in Adobe Remix, and put my mark on their corporate logo by transferring physical effects to a live experience. My project partner Frédéric Wiegand and I created three interactive exhibits based on three methods of staging physical phenomena I discussed during my studies.

The Remixer focuses on the space surrounding the character: The logo itself becomes the protagonist in a scenario in which it is being playfully environed with the most diverse materials: Styrofoam beads, feathers, onion powder, flower petals and many more fill materials allow an always renewing overall impression.

Due to the strobe effect, the logo, rotating around its own axis, is visible from all sides. Integrated lights illuminate the logo and filling materials, whirling inside the air or water filled glass tube.

See the whole project on Behance

Creative Direction
Thomas Wirtz

Concept & Design
Thomas Wirtz & Frédéric Wiegand

Film & Photo
Grown Videoagency

Commissioned by Adobe for Adobe Remix

Thomas Wirtz

Thomas Wirtz (*1981) lives in Düsseldorf, Germany, and works as a freelance communications...


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