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Underline Studio réussit parfaitement ce projet d'identité visuelle pour Actionable. Le travail d'iconographie permet des déclinaisons pour identifier les différents services de l'entreprise. Le tout s'inscrit dans un univers contemporain, accessible, multi-support et impactant, dominé par des variations de formes graphiques et de couleurs vives.

1. About the project

Actionable offers a powerful platform for aligning the goals of any workforce with those of the organization through better relationships and more meaningful conversations. Effective learning in today’s hectic environment needs to be frequent, relevant, collaborative and measurable. Actionable offers the tools required for successful learning in the workplace. As a growing, multi-faceted business, they needed to streamline communications. Actionable approached Underline to develop a new brand identity and to roll it out across the many sub-brands offered under the Actionable umbrella. Underline developed an identity system that included iconography for each sub-brand that represented each line of business. Used together it creates a dynamic system of collateral that explains the story of Actionable. The new identity functions across a range of collateral including stationery, brochures, reports, apps, posters and ads.

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