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Les imperfections de la typographie comme les collages d'éléments de culture pop confèrent à cette identité visuelle une certaine percussion. Ça vaut le coup d'essayer autre chose que le tout lisse.

1. About the project

On the eve of its 15th anniversary, against the backdrop of increasing competition, the production house asked lg2 to refresh its positioning and rethink its brand image and website to align them better with its DNA and offer.

Quatre Zéro Un became 4ZERO1, and the new identity took root in the passion that drives the team and the ingenuity that makes it different. Between the company’s walls, talents meet to create inspired work. Similarly, it’s between the “4” and the “1” of the logo that the story takes shape. The brand identity becomes the showcase for all the talents at 4ZERO1 and instantly conveys the space that the company gives its creators.

The brand platform and imagery – dynamic, slightly offbeat and clever – represent the right balance between the energy of the next generation and the seniority of well-established talents, forming a complete, seasoned team, where each member has their own brand and creative signature.

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