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1. About the project

Viviana Narotzky, former president of the ADI-FAD: "When we decided to work on a new identity for ADI’s awards, we knew we had a complex structure that needed to be unravelled and made visible at the same time. It was quite a challenge: different awards, each with a distinctive history and profile, nestling inside an institution that was, itself, part of a larger whole. And we wanted something that would endure without becoming static. It was necessary to find a visual way of giving ADI and its awards both flexibility and a very distinctive character. Very early on, it was clear to us that TP had the right approach to tackle this, with their focus on creating dynamic identity systems that have a strong visual footprint. TP created a set of symbols for the awards that updated existing icons, some of them going back to the 1960s, and created new ones. They brought everything together with a striking typographical treatment and a colour palette that will allow for controlled transformation of a beautiful and strong identity for years to come. We couldn’t be happier with the results."

2. The brief

TwoPoints was not just commissioned by the former ADI president Viviana Narotzky to create a new symbol for the new award and a formally coherent visual identity for all three awards, but also a flexible visual system which would make the constant redesign of the symbol for each new edition of the awards unnecessary.

3. Creative process

TwoPoints came up with the idea to use the symbols to create a modular typeface based on the shapes of the early Futura. If one pays close attention to the first printed items by the ADI, one recognizes that the most used typeface is Futura.

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