Projets '18 Bánkitó Cultural & Music Festival, Identity

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'18 Bánkitó Cultural & Music Festival, Identity

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1. About the project

We’ve told you to tear yourself out of the everyday, we’ve told you that everyone has more than one side. We’ve talked about migration and corruption while partying to the coolest Hungarian and international bands and DJs. In 2018, Bánkitó will become ‘28. On our 10th anniversary, we jump 10 years back into the future to try and find out what it hides for us and how can we get there anyway. How do we get from tomorrow to the day after tomorrow, and from there to next year? And how can we color our picture of the future, to have something more than the last-eight-years and the what’s-gonna-happen?

Réka Neszmélyi


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