Projets ‘17 Bánkitó Cultural & Music Festival, Identity

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‘17 Bánkitó Cultural & Music Festival, Identity

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Le festival Bánkitó est un évènement socialement engagé et dont la thématique 2017 est la lutte contre la corruption. Réka Neszmélyi, graphiste en charge depuis 3 ans de l'identité visuelle de cette manifestation propose de traduire ce message avec un langage universel : celui de la gestuelle. Les signes de la main constituent le principal élément de cette communication impactante.

1. About the project

Bánkitó Festival 2017 will take place between the 12th and 15th of July, at Bánk, of course. Like every year, progression is the keyword for Bánkitó’s program guide. We stir up the order of days and nights and we create unexpected collaborations between theatre, activist, cultural and music collectives. Every year there is an important social issue behind all the programs of Bánkitó that can’t be left to be partied around. In 2017 it is Corruption and everything that enables it. We won’t sit back and contemplate. Corruption and panama sucks, everyone knows that, from all the sides. Every single publicity of Bánkitó will have the same message: NOT OK. It is not cool that for every loop there is a loophole and it is not cool that helicopters and mansions can disappear and reappear. It is not cool that everything is “between us” and it is not true that everybody benefits from it when nobody benefits from it. Artists, actors, musicians and civilians will present it, analyse it, but most of all: let it out. It is important to us that Bánkitó stay the festival that devotes its publicity every year to a ‘good cause’. In place of vague slogans and sponsored logos, we spread an important message about an issue that not only cripples our life, but the whole country’s. Of course, it would be impossible without the aware and committed community that comes to Bánk every year to make a full house and to make it possible that this unique independent boutique festival splash into the lake again this summer.

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