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Create dreams – shape places

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La solution modulable apportée par Amanda & Erik pour cette identité visuelle fonctionne très bien. Le visuel est élaboré bloc après bloc, et mélange les matériaux pour atteindre le parfait équilibre. La typographie se glisse presque naturellement dans cette grille singulière.

1. About the project

Visual identity for Skapa drömmar – forma platser (Create dreams – shape places), a design residency arranged and held by Art Inside Out. Designers Samir Alj Fält (Design Lab S) and Byggstudio(Hanna Nilsson and Sofia Østerhus) were invited to Falkenberg, a municipality in the region of Halland, to investigate the relationship between town and country in two processes focusing on identity, place and dreams. Schoolchildren and other locals were invited to participate in both processes.

The starting point of the visual identity was a photo of an archeological find in Slöinge, a rural community in which one of the two processes of the residency took place. From this the identity was developed into a modular set of shapes and textures relating to dreams, places and materiality.

Amanda & Erik

Amanda & Erik is a Swedish design and illustration studio working with letters, shapes, and...

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